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SPYBORG, a unique electric string instrument ensemble, presents original arrangements of rock classics. Rock and Heavy Metal Hits are combined with famous classical compositions. Bach meets AC/DC, Iron Maiden together with Rachmaninoff, Vivaldi and Rammstein.

SPYBORG was formed in 2009 and over the years appeared in different clubs, festivals, TV and Radio shows around Israel. All four band members are active orchestral musicians by day and passionate rock lovers by night, so the combination of rock and baroque is a natural way of musical expression.

It took a lot of trial and error to develop a desired sound by using electric string instruments together with guitar sound effects, so classical instruments could receive a different appeal. Even though instruments require classical playing techniques, the sound produced is a powerful hard rock.

Over the years SPYBORG has collaborated with different musicians, Opera and Rock singer, electronic artists, DJ’s, actors and classical ballet dancers and produced more than 80 different compositions and arrangements, from Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi to Deep Purple, Nirvana, Rammstein and Avicii to name a few.

Besides two hour concert set SPYBORG has an additional one hour program for children and family “Who’s Afraid Of Classical Music?” which explains to younger audience connection between different genres and styles, and between traditions of the past and the present.


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Shai Peker

Tel: +972-54-2355578


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