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Say yes to violin rock!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Say yes to violin rock! Violins and Rock are as rare as hen's teeth. Yeah it's been done, but not like this that I've ever heard. The song is amazing of course, and a perfect choice for an adaptation for sure. I'm overdue to look and see more about your lineup and if your doing this music live. Hope to see Iron Maiden covered, their harmony guitar melodies would be perfect for what you do I think.

Reviewed by Paul Lange on Aug 30 United States, Oregon

Good Foo Fighters cover Spyborg's covers the Foo Fighters The Pretender is awesome .It sounds wickedly awesome being covered as a classical rock instrumental. The intro gives it kind of a dark Victorian gothic feel. I highly recommend anybody to check out this song and this group as well Spyborg does not disappoint

Reviewed by Storms of Jupiter United States, Tennessee, Kingsport

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