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SPYBORG, a unique electric string instrument ensemble, presents original arrangements of rock classics. Rock and Heavy Metal Hits are combined with famous classical compositions. Bach meets AC/DC, Iron Maiden together with Rachmaninoff, Vivaldi and Rammstein.

All four band members are active orchestral musicians by day and passionate rock lovers by night, so the combination of rock and baroque is a natural way of musical expression. Using electric string instruments together with guitar sound effects makes music of SPYBORG simply unique.

SPYBORG’s compositions break all the usual conventions. Classical instruments receive a modern appeal and even though instruments require classical playing techniques, the sound produced is powerful hard rock. This gives SPYBORG the ability to move freely from classic to rock and back. If for a moment you hear Paganini violin, immediately after that appears viola, with virtuoso electric guitar solo originally of AC/DC.

This movement between genres comes from the desire to break stigmas and opinion that classical music is only for concert halls and has to remain academically pure and conservative. Combination of the various, seemingly unrelated, styles gives the opportunity to develop contemporary musical fusion in which the different and the similar are integrated in one. After all – all of it is Music!

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